Christmas is the season of giving and that means all of the family members including our pets. Some of us spend a lot and others not so much. But a survey shows that 95% of pet owners will buy their furry friend a gift. How much will you spend on them?  The holidays are special for our entire family and that includes our dog, Freddie. We are part of the 54% of families that even hang a stocking for our furry friend. His name is on it and everything.

According to a survey, pet owners were asked how much, on average, they spend on their pet for the holidays and surprisingly, it all depended on how old the owner is. The highest spending was the ages of 17-21 where they tend to spend up to an average of $71.

In the past, I have personally spent an average of $50 per pet, depending on the needs of the animal. For instance if it was time for a new bed, that gift is a bit more costly than just a couple of toys and treats.

Gifts tend to average about $36 per dog and a few dollars less for cat owners. No matter what is spent, pet owners always include their furry friends in their holiday spending.

How much do you spend on your pet?

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