I'm a very, very bloated individual at the time of this writing.  Everything from chicken wings to pizza to beer to cheesecake was consumed at the two Superbowl get togethers that we attended.  I was wondering just how much exercise it would take to burn it off?  Are you ready for this? 

2000-2500 calories.  That's about what the average guy should consume for an entire day.  For women it's between 1600 and 2400, according to the Huffington Post.

So the average person at the average Superbowl party will consume nachos, wings, beer etc.  That adds up to about 1200 calories total according to some estimates although I think that's a very low estimate.

Let's look at someone who has eaten a decent amount at the party and the approximate calorie count, according to quadcities.com

Guinness World Records Awards Ninety Nine Restaurants With World's Largest Nachos
getty images

10 cocktail size sausages with barbeque sauce .... 360 calories
10-12 nacho chips with beans, beef, sour cream and cheese ... 600 calories
2 loaded tacos .... 700 calories
6 spicy chicken wings .... 440 calories
2 ounces of chips with dip ... 400 calories
3 light beers .... 300 calories
1 piece of chocolate cake (3 ounces) ... 312 calories

The Flywheel Challenge At The NFL House Hosted By Shannon Sharpe
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I don't think this is out of the ordinary, do you?  This works out to about 3,000 calories!

It goes on to say that you can burn about 400 calories per hour on an exercise bike. 3000 divided by 400 would work out to be  7 hours of working out!   (should I include a laughing sound effect here?  OK, I will....

Is this what you consumed?  No?  Well, maybe you need a calculator so you can plug in your own food choices.   We have one for you here

I hate to depress you with all of this, but i thought to mention this for you as a public service.  Good luck on that treadmill.  See you in 7 hours!



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