Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Charles Williams

My 20 year old son and I live with my significant other and have for some time. My son came to me the other day and said now that he is working 2 part time jobs he is going to buy a truck. I told him it is going to cause trouble because my S/O isn't pleased that he doesn't help around the house, physically or financially and he should probably put his money towards something like an apartment because he is going to be 21 SOON.

During the afternoon he found out he has the opportunity to rent a room in a friends house but is now back peddling and saying he will contribute to our house financially if that's what's needed but I'm afraid its too late because my s/o keeps saying his "free lease is almost expired".

How do I get my son to realize that it is better for him to be out on his own (pretty much) and get his independence and responsibility he needs. I will still be here to help him if he needs it but he cannot live home forever. oh, and he wonders why he has trouble getting a girlfriend... maybe telling them he still lives home doesn't help. I'm curious as to what your listeners think!

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