For the United States of America the day of May 2, 2011 will be one we read about in history books until the end of time itself.

When I woke up this morning I grabbed the Glens Falls Post Star newspaper, and took the rubber band off of it and opened it up and sat it down on the ottoman in the living room. I went to the kitchen I made a cup of coffee and came out, sat down and for the first time looked at the paper and saw the huge, bold headline "bin Laden Is Dead". I was in sheer disbelief and questioned it. I then turned on the TV and went to CNN to see if it was true. It was true, and I cried.

They were tears of joy, and tears for the families and parents of our US servicemen and women who died fighting for our freedom and taking the battle to the enemy. Osama bin Laden was the face of everything that real Americans think is bad in the world, in the 1940's it was Adolph Hitler. Hitler though never struck us at home and Bin Laden did. I was in Watertown, New York when it happened just a few miles from Fort Drum which is the home of the 10th Mountain Division, the most deployed regiment in the battle against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war itself is far from over, but the message we sent was loud an clear "America  never forgets, and America never gives up". I am today, and always have been a proud American and this day will be celebrated by me every year, and the 4th of July this year will be the best ever for me.

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