As the warmer weather approaches, the DEC warns that American black bear could be wandering out of its form of hibernation, looking to grab a quick, tasty meal on-the-go.  Human food is one source for the hungry creature so be prepared to do the following as a way to prevent bears from wandering into your backyard, or worse, your home.

According to a report from News 10 ABC, The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is reminding New Yorkers to follow some basic guidelines - and us a little common sense - to avoid accidentally turning your home or backyard into a bear-b-que. 

They advise New Yorkers to take down bird feeders by April 1 and store garbage inside secure buildings.  Also, according to the DEC:

  • Store your garbage cans and grills in a secure location.
  • Locks on garbage can lids and electric fencing will deter black bears.
  • Put your garbage cans out for pick-up the day-of and not days before.
  • Keep your gardens and lawn free of waste and other garbage.
  • For compost, don't put meats or sweets in it. Also, keep your composts, gardens, and fruit trees at least 50 yards from nearby forest tree lines.


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