When I go to Wendy's, it's almost impossible for me to leave without getting a Frosty for myself. Now, for just $2, I can get one free every day for a year.

Wendy's will be offering the opportunity to get free Frostys for the whole year with just a $2 donation, according to Thrillist. Donate $2 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and you will receive a key tag. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption says their mission is "finding a loving family for every child waiting in foster care to get adopted" and Wendy's has pledged to give 85% of sales directly to the foundation.

How it works is that you check the chain's list of key-tag locations (as far as I've seen, they all offer them in this area) and buy one for $2. That key tag allows you one of its Junior Frostys in chocolate or vanilla every day for a year, for free.

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