I’d like to order two pizzas - One with just cheese, and the other with a hotdog stuffed-crust. This strange combination is a reality.

In a story from the Times Union, Pizza Hut is starting to offer it in Great Britain.

The pizza, which is a 14-inch pie, has one single hotdog baked into the crust. There’s no word about whether anyone really likes this concoction or not. I know someone will. Overall, it's far from being a healthy choice.

As for myself, I’m not quite sure. If it made its way to the U.S., I may be willing to give it a try if an Albany-area Pizza Hut was to give out a free sample. Who knows- it might not be a bad combination. So I was wondering, if this does come around to our area, do we add 'hold the mustard and relish', in addition to saying 'no anchovies please'? What do you think of this new pizza? Do you think that you'd like it?