We are in Hoosick Falls for the first stop on our Small Town Tour and as part of our visit we wanted to highlight an outstanding, extraordinary, and special resident of the town and we're proud to announce our winner for Hoosick Falls.

We asked you who to nominate people that you felt fit this description and your response was overwhelming. We choose the four most mentioned people and put them up for a vote - and out of the 816 people who voted, you choose Bill Gaillard. Here's what was said on our Facebook page about Bill:

Bill is retired from Hoosick Falls Central School where he was taught music for over 30 years. He is very active in the Lions organization. He is head of the Hoosick Rescue Squad. He is the conductor of the Hoosick Falls Community Band Bill also spends many hours every year teaching kids all about medical safety and to not be afraid of ambulances and medical personnel during safety week.

We recognized Bill (or as he's known as Mr. G) for everything he does for Hoosick Falls and he truly makes it a better place. Mayor Monahan made a donation to both the rescue squad, which Bill puts a great deal of passion into and also the community band, another passion of Bill's.  Bill is pictured above with the Sean & Richie Show cast members as well as Hoosick Falls Mayor Monahan. Congratulations Mr. G!