First, I want to thank everyone who wrote in to nominate people for the Hoosick Falls Citizen of the year. We received many amazing nominations. The hardest part was narrowing it down to four deserving individuals, but we have. Now it is your turn once again, we need your vote!

In the interest of fairness you will only be allowed one vote, so if there is someone you really believe in, make sure to tell your friends and neighbors to vote as well. Please read the excerpt I have included from the emails we received and then vote for your favorite.

1. Aelish Nealon: She runs the youth center in town. She works long hours and provides a safe and active place for the youth of this town. She provides community activities to unite the town. She just organized a town clean up day. She has fixed the youth center up so now it is a beautiful place for all kids. She is very active and concerned for the well being of the youth of all ages in Hoosick Falls!

2. Louis Schmigel: He is a town councilmen and a league secretary for Wednesday international bowling league. Louis has donated a lot of his time to the Town and Village of Hoosick Falls for disasters, emergency flood relief, snow removal with his own equipment. He donated his time organizing "Home Town Days" which is a town wide carnival with Jerry Mcauliffe. He has contributed his time,equipment and donations to youth sports programs.

3. Bill Gaillard: Bill is retired from Hoosick Falls Central School where he was taught music for over 30 years. He is very active in the Lions organization. He is head of the Hoosick Rescue Squad. He is the conductor of the Hoosick Falls Community Band Bill also spends many hours every year teaching kids all about medical safety and to not be afraid of ambulances and medical personnel during safety week.

4.George Villarini: Ask anyone in Hoosick Falls that he has either been a part of their sports career by coaching teaching training refereeing or by just helping. He is in his late 50's and his knees are getting weak but that doesn't stop him from umpiring softball or baseball because the happiness of the children playing sports means more to him than anything in the entire world.

OK, that is what your neighbors had to say about these nominees, now it is all up to you.

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