By now I'm sure you're well aware of the story being reported about the girl that went trick-or-treating in Hoosick Falls last night.  When she got home and bit into a piece of candy, she noticed it had a needle in it. Yes, a needle.  What kind of sick human being would do this?  Hoosick Falls is a relatively small community where most people know another.  So it begs the question, can you even trust your neighbor anymore?

Whether this was some kind of stupid prank (thought to be funny) by some teenagers or done by some deranged sicko, the intent is quite disturbing.  According to multiple news outlets and the Hoosick Falls Police Department, a girl bit into the candy.  Luckily for her, she wasn't harmed or even killed. Think about it, when you put a needle in candy for a kid to eat, you're trying to kill them.  Plain and simple.  I hope they found out who did it, and they're charged accordingly.  Police are investigating the incident now.

When we were growing up, there was always the threat of some sicko doing this, but we never actually had it happen.  We were more worried about what kind of candy we'd be getting, not whether or not it could kill us.

Hoosick Falls has about 3500 residents, many of which know one another, work together, and have grown up together.  Many cities and towns in the Capital Region are just like that.

After a sick thing like this, it's makes you wonder how well you really know the person living next to you.



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