Kristy Burdick's daughter, a senior at Hoosick Falls High School, has been stripped of her National Honors Society title and now there's some uncertainty whether or not she'll graduate after she was involved in a senior prank.  Mom is outraged.  Does the punishment fit the crime?

CBS 6 News has the story of the local girl who's graduation future is up in the after she was involved in a senior prank that, according to her mom, has tarnished her daughter's image. The school district would not discuss what the prank involved, but remnants of silly string still hang in the hallways.

According to the school, her National Honor Society title is not a right, it's privilege. "There's an obligation for character, service, academics, and leadership, and with that comes a privilege and certain distinctions and that also involves an obligation of behavior,"

Kristy Burdick's daughter will most likely graduate once certain parameters are met by the student, but mom thinks the school has gone overboard.  "To me, in a nutshell, this prank was nowhere near them trying to damage these kids' futures."

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