There are so many messed up things about this story. Apparently, in Texas corporal punishment is still going strong in the public school system. And not just a ruler on the butt or hand of an unruly second grader, all the way through high school. Well one Mother is upset about this, but NOT for any of the reasons you would think.

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Taylor Santos is a sophomore in high school in Springtown Texas. She and another student were caught cheating, Taylor says that she did not know the other girl was cheating off of her paper. The punishment was a choice between suspension or paddling. After a day Taylor chose the paddle, and her mother was called and approved.

Now her mother is upset, not that her daughter was paddled in school but that the paddling was too hard. She is angry that the paddling was done by a male principal instead of another same sex adult as is stated in school rules. Again, not because of some obvious reasons, but because it was done too hard.

The best part is the school has listened to her complaints and they plan to do something about it! Again, not what you may be thinking they should do, the school has decided that maybe it is time to revisit the archaic rule that spanking has to be done by a same sex adult and make it so a female administrator  can paddle boys and males can paddle female students.

Here is a video of the news story from YouTube:

What are your thoughts on this story? Should the Mother be upset, and if so, which part of the story is the bad part? I'm starting to wonder myself what in the world is considered bad.

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