GNA invited local high school graduating seniors to be a part of a special song and we loved the great response we got from many of you.  It hasn't been easy for high school seniors, a big part of your life was taken away because of the pandemic.  We hope this helps you preserve some of the great memories you made with friends, teachers, mentors, and staff.  Here is "GNA's 518 Senior Year Shout-Out Song."   We hope you like it, and hats off to the Capital Region class of '20!

Country artist Drew Baldridge says that he wrote the song "Senior Year" hoping that it would connect last year's graduating class, but it turns out, it's the graduating high school seniors for the class of 2020 that are truly feeling the tune.

"Senior Year", the catchy and memorable song about high school days whizzing by references hanging out, skipping class with friends, wearing your jersey on football Friday, falling in love and living fast and free. But then in the blink of an eye, it's over.  One listen and you can't help but reminisce about your own high school days or sadly. in the case of today's high school seniors, reflecting on "what could have been."

Drew Baldridge discussed how it has taken on new life with 2020 graduating high school seniors telling Taste of Country that the lyrics, "Never thought it would disappear / Senior Year' have really hit home with the Class of 2020. The last two months of their school year literally disappeared from them."

Baldridge also told Taste of Country that he hopes this song to "help them to relive the good memories of 'Senior Year' all over again!"

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