Many people that I talk to agree - you can't get a good steak dinner in the city of Schenectady.  I don't know about that.  I can think of many decent places down there, although many places concentrate on Italian food.  But there is one restaurant out to challenge this statement. 

Are you familiar with Katie O'Byrnes?  It's been a very popular "watering hole" for many years, but according to the,  they are in the midst of reopening the City Squire Tavern over on upper Union Street.  They are going to renovate it and make it a steak house and bar.

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So there you have it - a new steak house.  But again, are you ok with the statement that you can't get a good porterhouse anywhere in the Electric City?  Have you found a favorite place that fills your need for beef?  Would love to know.   Leave your recommendations below.  Let's answer the burning question - "Where's The Beef?"



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