Last week I went to the dentist for my twice yearly cleaning and while I was in the chair I asked the hygienist for some horror stories to pass the time, and to make me feel better about the spinach from my lunch salad that was surely still stuck in my teeth.

She told me about a man who just simply never brushed his teeth.  He just didn't.  And although she did her best to clean them, I'm sure there were some pretty serious consequences for those inactions!

Well, now s new survey has found that 23% of peopl have gone at least two days in a row without brushing your teeth in the past year! I always brush my teeth twice a day.  Sometimes more!

Here's what happens if you don't brush for two days, a week, and FIVE YEARS!

1.  After ONE DAY of not brushing, a thin film of plaque would form on your teeth.  When they feel slimy, that's plaque.  Then bacteria sticks to it and causes MORE plaque.

2.  After TWO DAYS, the layer of plaque would be thicker, and start to SMELL.

3.  After a WEEK without brushing, you'd definitely have bad breath.  And you'd start seeing symptoms of gingivitis, where the edge of your gums look red and swollen.

4.  After a MONTH, your teeth could actually start DECAYING.  Your gums would be red from gingivitis, and you'd see white spots on your teeth, which is the first sign your enamel is being eaten away.

5.  After a YEAR, you'd have a ton of cavities.  A younger person might just need fillings, but if you were over 50, your teeth would start feeling loose from gum disease.

6.  After FIVE YEARS, your teeth would be falling out, especially if you're over 50.  It can start happening around the ONE-year mark though, or even earlier.

So if you've got that one guy at the office who's got something weird going on in his mouth and you're not sure what it is.... reference this list.

Courtesy of Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Courtesy of Sean Gallup, Getty Images

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