Yesterday was National Tooth Fairy Day and it got me thinking, what does the Tooth Fairy leave for the little ones? I know in our house, Ryan has gotten treated pretty well from her. How much is the Tooth Fairy leaving? My sister Nancy is a Pediatric Dentist so I may have an inside line to the Tooth Fairy. I remember when Ryan lost his very first tooth, the Tooth Fairy left him $10 under his pillow. I thought that was a lot, but from what my sister said, The Tooth Fairy usually leaves a lot on the first tooth. After the second tooth fell out, he received a five dollar bill.

There is a website you can go to, to track the average dollar amount that the Tooth Fairy is leaving. I was surprised to find that she is leaving eleven percent less than she did last year. According to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, she is giving an average of $4.13 per lost tooth, but when it came to the first lost tooth, the payment only fell two cents, with kids receiving an average of $5.70 per tooth.

I remember getting a quarter or a dollar when I was young. But I realize that was a long time ago. How much does the Tooth Fairy leave for your kid?

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