Sometimes one may not notice how clean or dirty air is. Its kind of something you get used to. Albany however has some of the cleanest in the country.

Now it is safe to assume that none of the big cities in California will make this list as when you see photo's of some of them there is a noticeable haze. Albany ranked number 10 on the Thrillest article and it can sort of make sense. We are not insanely overpopulated. We have plenty of trees. We don't have an overabundance of cars (I suppose that is all opinionated though). We just flat out have clean air.

I've been reading how the capital region has the best this and the best that in the state. Like wings, pizza and bars. Plus we have all the historic buildings and some awesome scenery. How come we don't get all that many tourists outside track season?

The other New York city to make the list is only a short three hour drive, Syracuse. For the rest of the list of cleanest air cities in America click on the link below.

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