What happens when we get a big snow fall and you've got to somewhere fast? Do you clean it thoroughly or do you just give your windshield a quick dusting? Well, there's about to be some new regulations.

As we were just hit with a major snow storm it's easy for the snow to accumulate on our cars.

From the Times Union, New York state Senator, Tony Avella has brought back a new legislation that could go into effect.

The law would bring a $75.00 fine to anyone who doesn't make an effort to clean the snow off of their car.

This is to help prevent road hazards and accidents as many complaints have come in as large pieces of ice and large amounts of snow are flying off the cars on the major roadways.

Should your snow or ice from your car damage another vehicle you could be charged a fine of up to $1,000. Commercial vehicles could be charged even more.

Please keep the top of your vehicle clear of snow to avoid any damage or incidents.





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