Unitl this morning, I didn't realize this was a problem.  But, turns out taking your t-shirt the wrong way happens all too often, and it can ruin the mood if done incorrectly.

The first video is a comical one meant to get you ready for the beach or pool party.  Thankfully it demonstrates both the wrong way, and correct ways to remove your shirt.  The models are hysterical!

The second video is just some random Russian guy who stands on his back porch and takes his shirt off several times.  It has more than 5 million views!  I'm sorry, what!?!?!

So, as a public service, just before summertime, I've decided to compile these tutorials for your viewing/practicing pleasure.  And at Countryfest this year, when you whip your t-shirt off, you had better do it the right way!


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