All you ever here about is the great savings you can get if you brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday, but according to Forbes and Black Friday is not the best time to save on line or in the stores.

This doesn't mean you can't get great deals if you go shopping on Black Friday and as we talked about on the Sean and Richie Show today, in many homes it has actually become part of the family tradition, but there are indeed better days to get a great price on your gifts.

If you are looking to get some on line shopping done for the holidays the best day to do on line shopping is actually Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday comes in second, the Monday BEFORE Thanksgiving is third and "Cyber Monday" is actually fourth on the list.

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When it comes to going out into the stores to shop, it depends on what exactly you are looking to buy. If you are looking for electronics, well you actually already missed the best day, it was 2 weeks ago, but the next best time is the Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving.

That same day , I'll call in Thanksgiving Eve is the best day head to the stores for deals on toys.

And the best day to go clothes shopping is actually on Cyber Monday.

I guess no matter when you get out there and get your shopping done we all know we need to get to it! Don't procrastinate like me, because while I haven't actually checked it out I'm willing to bet waiting until Christmas Eve is not the best idea in the world.




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