Times are tough for so many right, but fortunately there are always folks to help and there are several Capital Region drive-thru pantries this week to help keep food on the table.

It is one of the beautiful things about difficult times like the one we are going through right now. They way neighbors step up to help each other out in times of need. And that is what the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York is all about: it's an organization built on donations and volunteers to help feed New Yorkers in times of need. If you could use a little assistance right now to help keep food on the table, there are three drive-thru food pantries where you can pick up food this week, while supplies last:

  • Thursday, May 7th:       
    • Washington County Fairgrounds: 11am - While Supplies Last
    •  Albany Airport: 3pm - 5pm
  • Friday, May 8th
    • Fonda Fairgrounds: 11am - While Supplies Last

At all 3 locations you can simply drive-up, and volunteers will load your vehicle with food while practicing social distancing measures.

It's organizations like the Regional Food Bank that provide the support systems we need when the going can get tough. And it is the support of Capital Region residents that keeps the food flowing. Whether it is volunteering time, or donating food or money to the cause, it is the generosity of our neighnors that makes the food bank work. If you would like to join the effort and volunteer or donate money/food, you can get more info at the food bank website.

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