Today on the Sean and Richie Show we were happy to hear from Clay Walker. As you may know I am a huge fan of Clay's music, and even more so a fan of the man. You just don't get to meet too many really good people in this world and Clay is just that.

Clay Walker Facebook Image
Clay Walker Facebook Image

I asked him to call in because of a great program he is in with Teva Pharmaceuticals to help with the fight against M.S.  Clay was diagnosed with M.S. in the early 1990's just about when his career in Country Music had just taken off. It has not stopped him, and we can only hope , it will never stop anyone.

You can help. Teva Pharmaceuticals is going to donate 1 Dollar for every "Like" the "Stick With It RRMS" page gets. Its that easy, sign onto your Facebook and click the like! Share this with your friends as well, and make sure they know that all they have to do is click "like" and Teva will make that dollar donation!

If you missed Clay on the show, he is always a fun interview and like I said, just a great guy, here is how the call went down on the show:

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