There are many fast food restaurants to chose from especially in Clifton Park. Now a newer concept to fast food is coming to that area that offers healthy and organic meals. CoreLife Eatery will be the next healthy fast food restaurant coming to Clifton Park in the Hannaford Plaza across from Clifton Park Center. CoreLife is a chain that focuses on organic, healthy meals with an emphasis on vegetables.

The concept of CoreLife is like that of Chipotle where it is all fresh ingredients make to order. They will offer custom soups and those with broth make with animal bone simmering with vegetables. The foods offered will all be organic and there will be gluten free options as well.

According to the Daily Gazette, CoreLife was supposed to open their Clifton Park restaurant in February, but they are behind schedule. They should be opening soon. The CEO says there are plans to open more CoreLife Eateries in Latham, Albany (Wolf Road or Western Ave.) and Saratoga Springs.

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