From Mountain Lions, to bears, to coyotes, we get a lot of wildlife wandering through neighborhoods. The DEC needs to help to track the next animal that may be walking in your yard.

New York State's Department of Environmental Conversation is asking the public to help with a multi-year research project keeping track of moose in the area, according to the Adirondack Almanac.

They're hoping to use the information to keep track of the health of the species in the area, current population, locations they tend to frequent, what may affect their reproduction, survival, and more.

In 2018, 220 moose observations were reported, which was substantially higher than the 163 in 2017. The moose is a protected species in this state and the DEC wants to do whatever they can to keep them thriving by asking for your help. They do remind the public to look for moose from a fair distance away, about 50 feet or more.

If you have seen a moose, report it to the DEC through their website. Have you seen a moose in the area lately?

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