I've been hearing the word "Glamping" a lot this summer. If you don't know what that is, think of regular camping but with style and apparently there's more than one place that offers this.

Instead of setting up your own tent, they have a little hut already set up and put together. Instead of a mat to sleep on, you can have your own twin sized bed.

'Glamping' tent decorated with colorful pillows and blankets
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Instead of having to use a lantern, some of these fancy glamping establishments have chandeliers. Note why you're not just going camping, you're going glamping.

NewYorkUpstate.com put together a small list, paired with some of the glamping experiences that I've seen for your Upstate glamping options:

  1. Adirondack Safari in Warrensburg about an hour North of Albany is probably the closest location for glamping in the area. The rates average $230-300 but the tent is fully furnished, solar lighting, zero gravity chairs, and you can't beat being that close to both Lake George and Schroon Lake.
  2. Camp Orenda in Johnsburg, NY about an hour and a half North of Albany, prides themselves with being the place to "Get back to nature, in style." They have a bunch of options for different canvas cabins fit with all of the amenities you may need, a queen sized bed, and electric wood burning stoves for about $200/adult (depending on size of cabin).
  3. Posh Primitive in Chestertown, NY about an hour and 15 minutes North of Albany, were rated one of the top glamping experiences across the country. The addition here is that their also cook for you as well!
  4. Harmony Hill Lodging and Retreat Center in East Meredith, NY about an hour and a half West of Albany have insulated, waterproof tents, electricity, and flushable toilets! Lay back in your king sized bed with food from your fully equipped kitchen while enjoying nature.

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