There are plenty of skeptics when it comes to Psychic Mediums and what they "do." I used to be one until I had a personal reading done, myself.

The reading I had was one on one and it was something I would honestly recommend to anyone that has questions about basically anything; the 'other side,' you or someone elses health, will work always be this stressful, should I be trying to sell my house right now? Anything.

The reading I went to last night was not a one on one situation, so there is no guarantee that you'll be "read." Quite honestly, after having a couple readings myself, I don't feel like I need to be read when I go to these. They're just entertaining. You're not watching a "show" but at the same time, it almost feels like you are. That's not to diminish the power that the medium has because it is a remarkable gift.

I went to Smith's of Cohoes where Intuitive Medium Deborah would be holding one of her galleries. I've known Deborah for years now. She worked closely with my former radio station and has definitely made a name for herself across the state because of her gift. Oh and she's hilarious.

Marissa, WGNA

The way these galleries work is almost like meditation at first. Soothing music playing for the 100+ crowd as we "thank" our family and friends who have crossed to the other side, rather than begging them to show up. We center our energy, as Deborah begins to follow the direction it pulls her.

She's not one to give vague bits of information that could potentially fit anyone in the room. Instead she's direct, she's specific, she's incredibly accurate. "Who has someone who past with a teddy bear collection?" she asked. "I'm not talking about, 'my grandmother had a teddy bear once.' I mean, this is a collection of teddy bears, someone still has these."

Marissa, WGNA Intuitive Medium

These readings can be so on the money that as one family was being read, the Dad, who was speaking through Deborah kept focusing on the one daughter causing the others to say, "Even in the after life you're still the favorite!"

Laughs are had, tears are shed, love is felt. A calmness and peacefulness takes you over throughout the night. Maybe it's a feeling of hope. That there is more to life than just our time on Earth. Whatever it is, it's nice.

For more information on Intuitive Medium Deborah please visit her website.