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Would you like to connect with a loved one, friend, or relative that has passed? Maybe you are seeking answers on issues that are happening right now in your life. All you may need is some intuitive guidance from an expert. That's where we can help.
Intuitive Medium's Detail & Accuracy Blows GNA Listeners Away (AU
Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon stopped by the GNA studios this week and spent an hour doing readings for our listeners who wanted to connect with someone in their life 'on the other side'. Deborah has been wowing us for years with her clairvoyant abilities, and even the harshest critics and skeptic…
"Postcards From Heaven"
You have seen her on the Style Network and you have heard her give psychic readings on the air, but have you ever seen medium Maureen Hancock live? I have, and the things she tells people are amazing!
Today’s Maureen Hancock Readings – February 27, 2014
This morning on the Sean and Richie show, our medium Maureen Hancock delivered beautiful messages to Rebecca, Tracy, and Patti.
If you thought that was great, just wait!  Maureen will be doing live readings on March 29 right here in the Capital District...