Even though schools aren't back until after Labor Day, you still pass by those School Zone speed limit signs. The question is, during the summer, do you still abide by those limits? You may have been breaking the law and had no idea!

I live by a high school and pass through those School Zone speed limit signs every day and since there's no one there, I assumed I didn't have to abide by the slower speeds. There's a nothing school by me that has lights and I never see them flash during the summer so I just figured the same goes for all signs. I never thought that I may be breaking the law!

Luckily, after doing some research, I'm not! I looked up the law on the New York State Department of Transportation website and found out that even after reading it, I'm not sure if I've been breaking the law ignoring those signs. If the sign is a "fixed message school speed limit sign" then you only have to follow the sign 7AM-6PM hours on school days but, as they mention, there is no precise definition of the term "school days."

So, technically, there could be summer school, I wouldn't have any idea, but I'm supposed to follow the speed limit signs anyway? Take a look and see if you can make better sense of the law. I think it's telling me I don't have to when regular school is in session. Hopefully, it is, or I can be thankful no cops were near me on my way home.


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