This is one of our favorite times of the year.  Who doesn't like talking about orbs, silhouettes, and creeky noises from the stairwell? Many people claim to have experienced some sot of 'paranormal activity' but we wanna see some photos and maybe even videos.  We want your spooky videos and creepy pictures to talk about on-air and for our paranormal team to debunk or verify!

Submit your photo or video to and we may talk about it on-air or use on any of our social media platforms for our special Halloween Morning 'GNA Haunted Broadcast'.

On Wednesday morning, our 'Haunted Broadcast' will also feature a special visit from an old friend who has literally turned skeptics on their head with her incredible talent of 'connecting with the dead'.  Intuitive Medium Deborah joins the show at 7:30am and will be taking your calls live on the air up until 9am.

Whether you're a skeptic, or a believer, our Haunted Broadcast should be a good time!



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