A man in Johnstown received an unsettling and disturbing flyer tucked into the windshield of his car over the weekend, just ahead of Martin Luther King Day. The message was hate-filled, contained a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., and appears to have been distributed by a member (or members) of the KKK. Local police want your help.

Christopher Steding of Johnstown told News 10 ABC that at first, he thought it was some kind of prank. “At first I thought it was just a joke, a bad joke, done in poor taste, but I don’t know anyone that crass to use that as a joke. Then the reality sunk in and it was kind of upsetting.” The message on the paper refers to Martin Luther King Jr. as a "communist pervert" questioning why people would want to promote him as a national treasure to our children.

Police say they want to hear from you if you’ve found one of these flyers. Police are trying to get a timeline for when they’re being distributed so that they can review surveillance video.  If you have any information, you're encouraged to call (518) 736-4021

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