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Hate Message In Johnstown Attacks MLK
A man in Johnstown received an unsettling and disturbing flyer tucked into the windshield of his car over the weekend, just ahead of Martin Luther King Day. The message was hate-filled, contained a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., and appears to have been distributed by a member (or members) of th…
Holidays For All Or None
If you have Martin Luther King, Jr. day off, enjoy it, and always remember the significance of it. It would be nice if we all had it off, but this leads me to what I call a dumb holiday.
The Most Depressing Day Of The Year
According to a psychologist in Wales, this Monday, January 17th, is the most DEPRESSING day of the year.  It's also Martin Luther King Day but one has nothing to do with the other. 
--Dr. Cliff Arnall says he figured out that the third Monday of the year is the most depressing day…