Help Me, It's My First Time!
I'm 28 years old and finally all of the puzzle pieces fit and the time it right. After much consideration I've come to the realization that it's time to become an adult.
The Top 10 Things You Hate About Your House
This morning we talked about a new survey that listed the things that people hate about their homes.
Sean and I decided that this list is comprised of things that you either have no control over, or that is completely in your control.
So, like you can't change the size of your yard, but you can r…
Balloons Carry A House
National Geographic Channel is one of my favorite tv channels. I find plenty of stuff that I enjoy learning about. I heard about this new show coming up and I can't wait to take a peak. It's called "How Hard Can It Be," which will premier this fall, a bunch of crazy dreamers recreate the s…