I don't hide that I'm a Harry Potter fan (couldn't if I tried). So, when I heard about this new Harry Potter-themed cafe opening up in New York City, it was obviously my first stop!

I went down to New York City a few weekends ago to celebrate my cousin's birthday so I started looking up interesting places to check out. Knowing that we're all Harry Potter fans, the minute I read about Steamy Hollows on Delish, it was at the top of our list.

Steamy Hollows is the cutest little Harry Potter-themed cafe in the East Village. They opened up in February and even though they have a small selection to choose from, they make up for it in flavor and decor. They've quickly became known for their Instagramable drink the glitter butterbeer (which I had with hot chocolate since I don't drink coffee).

They have butterbeer cookies, love potion recipes, all while you're surrounded by hanging candles, spiders, and moving pictures. Don't expect to hang out much in there! The cafe is rather small so depending on how busy they are, their 4 chairs may be full and aside from that, there's no space to stand around. Technically, it is a pop-up so it's most-likely very temporary so if you want to try it, head down to NYC quickly, before they close up!

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