Jimmy Wayne was born on October 23, 1972, in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. His last name was actually Barber, but he eventually dropped that because is mom had divorced his father and he never knew his biological dad.

Jimmy had a very tough child hood. Their mom would often leave Jimmy and his sister with other people while she went out to party. He lived in a county home for awhile, and also lived on the streets.

Jimmy was taken in by an elderly that hired him to take care of their lawn. After he graduated from high school, he got a job as  a guard at the Gaston Correctional Facility. He actually advice about songwriting from Jimmy eventually went on to a community college and earned an associate's degree in criminal justice. Later, he worked as a corrections officer before moving to Nashville and pursued his musical interests.

His biggest hit is “Do You Believe Me now.”

Happy birthday to Jimmy Wayne.

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