On this day in 1950 my favorite comedic actor was born. No one has ever influenced what I think is funny the way Bill Murray has. From his days on 'Saturday Night Live' to now when he does random crazy stuff like crash college parties and wash dishes, I love Bill Murray.

Here are a few of my favorite Bill Murray movies in honor of his 61st birthday.

First the reason I love golf, 'Caddyshack'. Bill stole this movie as Carl.



Second on the list is 'Groundhog Day'. Think about it, did you ever really care about groundhog day until Mr. Murray made it awesome? This groundhog can't act but Bill saves this scene.



Imagine a world where Bill was in the army. Too scary to picture? Or super funny? 'Stripes' is my number three.



Looking for a new way to teach the spirit of Christmas? Sick of the old crusty Ebanezor? Me too! But I love 'Scrooged'!



Next I ask you "Are you ready for the summer?" Are you ready to see Bill Murray mold the youth of a summer camp in 'Meatballs'?



I have to give honorable mention to 'What About Bob?'



And also the best cameo in a horror movie award goes to Bill Murray in 'Zombieland'. I give you NO clip because you need to see it for yourself in the movie the way it was intended!



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