Happy Birthday Bill Murray! Levack’s Favorite Bill Murray Movies [VIDEO]
On this day in 1950 my favorite comedic actor was born. No one has ever influenced what I think is funny the way Bill Murray has. From his days on 'Saturday Night Live' to now when he does random crazy stuff like crash college parties and wash dishes, I love Bill Murray. Here are a few of my favorite Bill Murray movies in honor of his 61st birthday.
Levack’s 5 Must Own Movies
Tomorrow I will be at FYE in Johnstown from 2 to 4 click here for details. Well that got me thinking of what movies I needed to add to my collection. Thing is every time I do that I start watching my favorites and the next thing you know I'm eating popcorn and watching movies all day. Here's 5 movies that NEED to be added to your collection ASAP.