I'm not sure that this guy shouldn't be nominated for Neighbor of the Year.

Listen, I know all too well that sometimes a neighborhood dog or cat can be a nuisance. I get it. But I think the thing that some people forget about a neighborhood is that it is a community. If you wish to be free of neighbors, their children or their pets, don't live in a "neighborhood!"

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Maybe there are some things you can do: put a fence up, talk to the pet owners, etc.

There is one thing that you should NEVER resort to however and that is killing or abusing the animals. That is what Richard A. Fugaro, 59, of Halfmoon, has been charged with doing. It seems that after he filed a complaint about cat issues in his neighborhood and, I guess not getting the help with the issue that he had hoped, Richard took matters into his own hands.

He apparently laced a can of tuna fish with rat poison and left it out for the cats to get. It was a neighborhood dog, however, who was first attracted to the fish and after getting sick was treated by a vet and later released.

I cannot imagine what I would do if someone poisoned my dog or either of my cats. I think that is something I hope never to find out.

Richard apparently was not satisfied to be facing misdemeanor for poisoning or attempting to poison animals, which he was charged with on Sept. 1. Ten days later he got himself arrested by state police for fourth-degree stalking and second-degree harassment.

The part that to me seems a little crazy, other than his behavior thus far, is that with all of this he is really only facing two misdemeanors and a "violation."

How do you feel about that? If someone poisoned your pet, would you be happy with a misdemeanor charge?