Bingo.  It's New York!  Congratuations. We win again! 

According to the Times Union this morning, we take the prize.  Well, we're way up there in the taxes department so we might as well be consistent. has declared that closing costs are declining nationwide, however not in New York.  Look at this.  The average you'll pay here is $1911.00.  Can you guess what state has the highest?  I was thinking it might be California, with housing prices being so, ahh, pricy, but the answer is Hawaii.

If you live there, you will pay $2,163 on average.  New Jersey comes in next at $2,094, next being Connecticut at $2,033 and then West Virginia and Arizona.

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Cheapest?  Ohio, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. You can check the full story and the full list here.

And they wonder why there is an exodus from this state.  We have friends who have a house in North Carolina.  5 bedrooms, 3 baths on a golf course. He pays $1800 in property taxes. I'm not sure about closing costs.

We have to do something, or all that will be left will be very wealthy people and a huge chip plant.  Help!!!