Malnourished and neglected, a young dog was trying to find some warm shelter and perhaps a morsel of food when he was found hiding inside a homeowner's shed on Sunday night in the town of Cairo.  The responsible homeowner called the Greene County Sheriff's who took the animal to a local shelter where the sweet boy seems to be recovering quite well.  While the pup is on the mend, sheriffs are hoping to seek justice for the dog by asking the public's help in finding the neglectful owner.

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According to the Times Union,  the dog - recently named "Nathan" - is believed to have been neglected by its owner for "months." 

It's awful to think that someone out there would intentionally do this to a harmless animal, yet here we are.  The Greene County Sheriff's are asking that anyone with information that links the owner to this dog, to please contact them at 518-943-3300.

Meanwhile, the once neglected pup is getting the TLC he needs and is being nursed back to health at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA where according to their veterinarians he's doing pretty good.

Nathan who is between 1 and 2-years-old, came into the shelter "approximately twenty pounds underweight. Based on his condition, he had suffered from malnutrition and dehydration for many months. His examination (suggested that Nathan) is seriously emaciated," according to their statement on Facebook.

Photo:The Columbia Greene Humane Society/SPCA Facebook
Photo:The Columbia Greene Humane Society/SPCA Facebook

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society believes that Nathan was so severely malnourished, that had he not been discovered in the shed, he was facing death.  Over the past few days, Nathan's prognosis has steadily improved and the vets think he'll make full recovery and be ready for adoption once he's fully cleared.

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