Last month was brutally cold so the state is offering more assistance for New Yorkers' heating bills. Here's what you need to do. Governor Andrew Cuomo made an additional fifteen million dollars available this week to help New York residents with their heating bills.

According to WKBW, the governor said that January's temperatures and snowfall made for a severe month and has added millions to help out New Yorkers. He has added it to the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Now the application period has been extended along with the emergency period until April 26th.

If you have already received benefits from the HEAP program, you can apply for a second emergency benefit so that your heat doesn't get shut off or you don't run out of fuel.

According to the governor's office, there are over thirty five thousand New York households that have applied for HEAP. Also with how cold January was, we are pacing to have an even colder winter than last year.

To get more info and to apply, click HERE.

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