Google is a great way to search for so much information on the internet, but you know that. It’s also a way to find out where something is with Google Maps, and is going one step further.

Cycling Routes And Directions Added To Google Maps

A lot of people got a little concerned about security issues awhile back, when they did a search for their house, clicked Street View, and actually saw their house. These pictures were taken with cameras mounted on cars.

According to, the next thing they’re doing is taking users to some less accessible, great and beautiful places like hiking trails, historic sites and more, where as currently, seeing places only reachable by car.

The new view will be made possible by using a camera mounted on a tricycle. With this “trike” technique, you will be able to see images of places like malls, college campuses, running trails and much more. This will be great especially when you want to see what some place looks like, besides from the road.

What a unique way to possibly plan your vacation. Next step-Bring on the app.

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