You may be sick of seeing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, but no one I know is ever sick of seeing the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. This years' big game has been filmed in Glens Falls. I get bored of the Super Bowl so I find myself flipping on the Puppy Bowl. I mean who doesn't love a whole bunch of cute furry puppies playing football? This year the field will be bigger because it has been filmed in Glens Falls.

This Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th, you can watch seventy puppies battle it out and take the field for the seventeenth annual Puppy Bowl at two o'clock on Animal Planet. It will be hosted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. You may even recognize the venue and the field. According to News 10 ABC, this years' Puppy Bowl was filmed in Glens Falls at Cool Insuring Arena.

COVID-19 shut down movie and television productions in New York City because of safety concerns but that wouldn't stop the Puppy Bowl from being filmed. A person close to the producer suggested they head to Glens Falls to film. says that they kept the puppies in the bowl driving distance from the arena to help with COVID protocols. They are all adoptable puppies from the Northeast. The staff wore masks and were tested often. Production took longer than normal. They spent ten days in the Glens Falls area bringing a much-needed economic boost.

Check out the transformation from the Cool Insuring Arena to the Puppy Bowl.

There are usually one hundred puppies in the bowl but this year there are only seventy. Fewer toys are on the field as well and others we washed and disinfected often. Because the Puppy Bowl was held at Cool Insuring Arena, the football field was larger. So the puppies had more room to play and run. The Puppy Bowl was filmed this past October.

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