If you are thinking of having a nice romantic evening at home, consider saving some money on a bottle of wine for your Valentine. Target is selling inexpensive rose for your bae. According to Delish.com, Target is selling four different rose wines for just ten dollars. They are calling it Rose Bae and features four ombre-colored labels that are classy for your Valentine's Day dinner. For the first time last year, Target had introduced the ten-dollar line per bottle of wine.

If you like a dry-style wine made with Grenache than Rose Bae is the perfect wine for you. I am no wine connoisseur, but they say that it is similar to a Syrah, and blended with Barbera, Pino Gris, and Tempranillo. There are hints of red fruit with a hint of floral and a crisp finish. These Rose Bae bottles contain 12.5% alcohol by volume and are pretty in pink.

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