You can now enjoy some frozen treats inspired by Nickelodeon's famous slime. But these delicious desserts are only sold at one major store. Here's where you can get them. According to, you can now get your hands on new frozen desserts inspired by Nickelodeon's slime at Walmart. Starting this week, (Monday April 29th), you can find a whole bunch of frozen desserts in the freezer section of your local Walmart.

There are a few to choose from too. You can get the low-fat vanilla ice cream cups that are swirled with green frosting that looks like slime. Plus they have orange with lemon-lime frozen bars. The ice cream cups come in twelve cups for less than five dollars and the bars you can get twelve for less than three bucks.

In case you were curious, the green in the ice cream treats is not the real slime used on the show. However we did find out that the actual Nickelodeon slime is edible. It was revealed a couple of years ago that it's made with vanilla pudding, oatmeal, applesauce and green food coloring.

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