Cheesecake Factory is giving away free slices of their unbelievable cheesecake starting on Wednesday December 6th and you don't even have to go to Colonie Centerl to get in on the action.  They'll deliver it to us.  How does one get in on this goodness?

Well this is good for the wallet, but not particularly great for the waistline.  But hey, we'll just work off the added pounds when our new workout regime kicks in after the New Year right?

According to News 10 ABC in order to take advantage of this deal, customers must place a delivery order through DoorDash and enter a special code at checkout. This promotion ends December 12th.

Only one slice per household, so you'll have to make a decision as a collective household which may be easier said than done.  I'll fight someone for their Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake.

More information on the promotion is posted on DoorDash’s website.

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