As more businesses close their doors, there is a silver lining. Before these two stores close forever, they will be offering major discounts to get rid of merchandise. Toys R Us and Babies R Us announced last month that they will be closing many of their one hundred eighty two stores. The chain sited online shopping as a major factor. Well now that it is imminent, the stores are offering some major discounts.

Significant discounts started yesterday (Wednesday) including at the Babies R Us on the Wade Road Ext. in Latham. The promotions will start at 30% off but other discounts that will be offered are up to the individual stores. The discounts and sales will run through April.

Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores that are closing will honor customer programs, gift cards and credit card specials.

It appears that the Capital Region has been spared to the Toys R Us locations shutting down. According to the parent company, just the Babies R Us in Latham is closing. The Toys R Us locations seem to be staying open.

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