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Garage Sales Now Allowed in Capital Region
If you have a ton of stuff that you sifted through and cleaned out during the lockdown then there is good news for you today. Get out your tables and put up your signs. You are now allowed to have garage and yard sales.
Garage Sale Advice, Please Help!
I am not a big fan of garage sales and yard sales. Well we are having a street wide garage sale this weekend and I am wondering what is the proper way to display my items and price them. I don't go from sale to sale just looking so I am not sure what the shopper prefers.
World's Largest Yard Sale
The World's Largest Yard Sale  is back this year at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds on Aug. 6. With over 200 vendors theirs something for everyone in the family. These are some of the cool items that I found at last years World's Largest Yard Sale.
The Secret Truth About Yard Sales
Yard sales are great for a number of reasons. Obviously, there is the reason that you can score something awesome for a good deal, but the true reason is because you do not know what you will find going into it.