This looks like a really fun event, and for a great cause in the Capital Region.  

Have you ever seen golf balls raining from the sky?  (Mine never even reach that high- I usually "duff" them, but that's another story).

You're going to get your chance as 1000 small numbered white orbs are let go from high above.  The ones closest to the pin will win one of three fabulous prizes.   It's all for a great cause – a group that keeps families strong, and has been doing so for the past 85 years.

Here's the front cover of their flyer.

If you'd like to hear Executive Director Bob VanZetta and  Michele Shellard describe the event in further detail, you can listen to Capital Region Sunday,  our public affairs show at 6am this Sunday,8/9 on our local Townsquare radio stations, including WGNA.

There's also a buffet dinner at the event and the silent auction. Plenty for all to enjoy at Stadium Golf Club in Schenectady on Fri. September 18th.  Call 393-1369 or visit to sign up.