It's like your worst nightmare, right? You're unconscious at the hospital and you think the staff is taking care of you and keeping you alive, but instead one of them takes advantage of your most vulnerable moments.

That's what happened to a man at Upstate University Hospital when Kristen Johnson, a nurse, allegedly sent co-workers pictures of two of her patients via text message.

Well, news comes today that Johnson was forced to give up her license as part of a plea deal where she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos.

There has been a nine-month investigation by the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office into complaints from her co-workers that she sent the pictures.

She was originally charged with two counts of second-degree unlawful surveillance and one count of second-degree disseminating unlawful surveillance. The felony charges have been reduced as part of her plea. But she'll still also have to spend three years on probation.

Johnson also surrendered her license.

Kristen Johnson Mugshot
Kristen Johnson Mugshot


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