Fall officially begins this weekend and you may be putting it off but you're gonna need a pumpkin soon, here are great places to check out.

Do you have a place you go every year to pick up pumpkins? Or do you grab it from the grocery store closer to halloween? Either works, but if you're looking for a place local to pick-you-own, give some of these a second look. Between New York Upstate and Yelp, I tried to put together a list, feel free to add some of your own favorites!

  • Ellms Family Farms (Saratoga County)
  • Engelke Farm (Rensselaer County)
  • Liberty Ridge Farm (Rensselaer County)
  • DuBois Farms (Ulster County)
  • Maynard Farms (Ulster County)
  • Sunnyside Gardens (Saratoga County)
  • Samascott Orchards (Columbia County)
  • Schuyler Farms (Saratoga County)
  • Bellinger’s Orchard (Fulton County)
  • Sand Flats Orchard (Montgomery County)
  • Fix Bros Fruit Farm (Columbia County)
  • Mckie Hollow Farm (Washington County)

Is there one the list is missing? Add it! Where do you get you pumpkins every year?

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